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Our team can fully cooperate for modernization of existing packaging line

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Modifications and training

Our service staff will be at your service if a project needs to be modified due to an increase in capacity, if a line is being relocated or if a new project is being implemented. All possibilities have been explained below.

Capacity improvement

In growing companies, packaging lines are expected to deal with ever increasing capacities. The lines and equipment of Tallpack International have been designed to deal with a variety of volumes. If expansion is necessary, Tallpack International possesses the in-house knowledge to advise you. Tallpack International is the perfect partner for designing, engineering, installing and commissioning all modifications and upgrades.  

If technical modifications and upgrades are needed on a regular basis, these functions can be included in the modification project. Tallpack International will then assume complete responsibility for increasing the capacity of equipment. A fixed price and process time will be agreed for the modification project in advance. Naturally, continuity is an essential part of project management, which means disruptions in business processes are kept to a minimum.


Relocation of lines

The situation on factory floors is constantly changing. This could be caused by the introduction of new products or packaging, an increase or decrease in volume, changes in the mix of products, or any other logistical reasons. It could even involve relocating a whole line to another location or country. Tallpack Belgium is the ideal partner when it comes to relocation projects.  

Tallpack Belgium will perform a thorough analysis, provide a detailed project description and then perform the agreed relocation assignment. A project manager will be present in order to effectively deal with unforeseen events. Naturally, such relocation projects are carried out while minimising disruptions to your production activities.

Implementation of projects

When a project is handed over to the customer, the supplied technology will be ready to function at maximum capacity. However, organisation around the new end-of-line logistical system often also needs to be modified.  

One or more service specialists will always be available to ensure technical transfer goes smoothly when a project is being implemented. These Tallpack Belgium specialists support operators and maintenance personnel when operating the new system. During this period, they also provide practical training to all stakeholders at the work location.


Operator training

Thanks to professional training, Tallpack Belgium can offer operators and maintenance personnel a solid basis for operating and maintaining equipment in a more effective manner. The professionals at Tallpack Belgium will teach operators how to quickly detect, analyse and effectively resolve problems.  

Training and coaching by the specialist creates a high level of knowledge, insight and engagement. And that's not all - it also improves the self-confidence of your personnel, which allows them to analyse problems faster and more effectively. Thanks to a comprehensive insight into key elements, it will be possible to make the right choices to get the system operational again as soon as possible.

Maintenance training

Tallpack Belgium designs and supplies equipment and software. This means our in-house trained service team possesses all required knowledge and solutions. Tallpack International will give your personnel all knowledge they need about the installed project. During implementation, operators will be trained to operate the equipment and to detect, analyse and effectively resolve problems.  

Thorough training and coaching provides knowledge and insight into various parts of a project. This could involve specific components in operating systems, or parts of the machine itself. Tallpack Belgium possesses all required documents and know-how, which means all questions can be answered immediately in detail.  

Depending on the size of the project, training for maintenance personnel can be divided into three levels:  

  • Basic principles of the project
  • Advanced knowledge, skills and posture
  • Highest level of knowledge and skills  

This makes it possible to adjust training to suit the specific needs of maintenance personnel. This approach will help to significantly improve the effectiveness of training.


Technology training

Technological changes are an essential part of Tallpack Belgiuml's innovative approach. These changes help to open doors to new possibilities. After extensive testing, Tallpack Belgium will advise you how to incorporate new solutions into existing projects. This could involve updated software or mechanical components.  

Tallpack Belgium is able to assume full responsibility for introducing new technological solutions. This will be done in collaboration with operators and maintenance personnel. The specialists at Tallpack Belgium can offer your personnel additional training to work effectively with renewed software and/or renewed mechanical and electrical components.