Wrapping robot Tallwrapper 110 / 115

The Tallwrapper 110/115 wrapping robot is a mobile wrapper for pallets of all sizes, and is extremely suitable for very large dimensions. Automatically follows the contours of the pallet. Wraps ca. 80 pallets per loaded battery.

The robot includes a height-detection photocell, whereby the wrapping robot is able to automatically determine the height of the pallet. The controls consist of a micro-processor with a digital display, which can be used to select parameters and programmes.  


  • elevated mast 2650 / 2950 mm,
  • double guide-wheel,
  • larger guide-wheel 390 / 700 mm,
  • external battery charger,
  • traction battery,
  • automatic module for cutting film,
  • programming and storage for 99 wrapping programmes (=Tallwrapper 115),
  • pre-stretch modules MB,EB, RPS, MPS and MPS2.    

Several options available; advisers at Tallpack International will be pleased to assist you.