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Tallwrapper 310

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Turntable wrapper Tallwrapper 310

The Tallwrapper 310 is an easy to use turntable wrapper. Its robust construction means this machine can be used in all industries. The control panel features standard interfaces for all expansions. The wrapping cycle can be modified to suit customer requirements, which means the highest level of efficiency will always be realised.  

Suitable for:  

  • pallet format 1,200 x 1,000 mm
  • turntable diameter 1,650 mm
  • maximum 2,000 kg load
  • pallets up to 2,000 mm high    

Options incl.:  

  • transpallet design
  • turntable diameter 1800 / 2200 mm
  • access plate 1650 / 1800 / 2200 mm
  • adapter for net wrapping   

Several options available; advisers at Tallpack Belgium will be pleased to assist you.

Use of a Powered pre-stretch-unit makes it possible to stretch the film by up to 300% (1 metre becomes over 4 metres) with minimum neckdown (a response where the film becomes narrower when pulled). This makes it possible to reduce packaging costs by up to 40%.