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Turntable stretch wrappers

Tallpack Belgium has developed a complete range of turntable wrappers under its Tallwrapper series. Due their their robust construction, these wrapping machines are suitable for all industries. Galvanised and stainless steel versions are also available for use in e.g. the chemicals, fishing and food industry.

Basic turntable wrappers can be expanded using various options like modified mast heights, modified turntable diameters, access plates, inbuilt weighing scales, pressure plates, photoelectric cells for deviating colours and products, and automatic film-cutting systems.

Open wrapping
In the food sector, products should preferably cool off, dry and degas while on the pallet. And perforated film has served this purpose for quite some time. But Tallpack Belgium has now developed a module for turntable wrapping machines where film is actually cut on the film carriage. This helps to achieve the same results while cutting back on costs.

“Powered” pre-stretch-unit
Using a "Powered" pre-stretch-unit makes it possible to stretch the film by up to 300% (1 metre becomes over 4 metres) with minimum neckdown (a response where the film becomes narrower when pulled). This makes it possible to reduce packaging costs by up to 40%.


The Tallwrapper 210 is an easy to operate turntable wrapper.
The Tallwrapper 310 is an easy to use turntable wrapper.
The Tallwrapper 410 is an easy to use turntable wrapper.
The TallSmartWrap is a reliable stand-alone turntable wrapper.