Tallwrapper 2201 modular 2

The modular wrapping line is available in 2 types - a fork-lift truck type (HT version) or a pallet truck type (PT version). The Tallwrapper 2201 modular 2 is a wrapping line which, besides the driven wrapping track, features 1 extra engine-driven roller track that helps to create a buffer position (extra pallet position);  

The pallet moves automatically towards the rotating arm wrapper and is automatically transported, via the buffer position, to the collection point after wrapping. Another pallet can then be placed. The wrapped pallet can then be taken from the collection point and the next pallet can automatically move towards the rotating-arm wrapper.

The Tallwrapper 2201 Modular features a "Powered" pre-stretch-unit. This makes it possible to stretch the film by up to 300% (1 metre becomes over 4 metres) with minimum neckdown (a response where the film becomes narrower when pulled). This makes it possible to reduce packaging costs by up to 40%.  

Specifications Tallwrapper 2201 Modular 2  

  • euro or block pallet format,
  • pallet height 500 - 2240 mm *When using table, maximum pallet height 2160 mm, capacity up to 60 pallets per hour (depending on project specifications),
  • controls Siemens S 1200 PLC and 5.4" touch panel,
  • standard "Powered" pre-stretch-unit, 300% pre-stretch,
  • standard cutting and sealing unit,
  • automatic film breach and roll-end detection,
  • track height 110 mm,
  • maximum pallet mass 1200 kg,
  • line constructed in accordance with CE and featuring cages and intake security,
  • power supply 230/400V, 3 phase + N + PE, 50Hz.
  • air pressure 6 bar.    

Options: Tallwrapper 2201 Modular 2  

  • access plate and track in H-shape and centre rollers for driving inside with manual or electrical pallet truck,
  • collision protection on floor (HT version),
  • lifting table in wrapping section (ca. 80 mm above rollers so pallet is also wrapped) *When using lifting table,
  • maximum pallet height 2160 mm soft start - stop of pallet belt, sledge under seal unit,
  • with a strike of 100 mm in order to wrap around a pallet 800 mm and 1000 mm wide and to tightly and effectively seal it, no film trails.    

Several options available; advisers at Tallpack International will be pleased to assist you.