Tallwrapper 2200-A (4-column wrapper)

The Tallwrapper 2200-A is a fully automatic stretch-film wrapper based on a rotating arm system. This means the pallet remains stationary on the transport system, while the rotating arm revolves around it. Due to this principle, products on the pallet will not experience centrifugal forces and cannot thus slide around during the wrapping process.  

The sturdy 4-column construction is able to absorb rotation-related forces without problems. The rotating arm is driven by a revolving flange that has been mounted in the main frame. The film carriage moves vertically along the rotating arm, whereby a photocell - directed at the pallet - detects the height. The upward and downward speed can be configured, so the desired film overlap can be achieved.  

The Tallwrapper 2200-A features a "Powered" pre-stretch-unit. This makes it possible to stretch the film by up to 300% (1 metre becomes over 4 metres) with minimum neckdown (a response where the film becomes narrower when pulled). This makes it possible to reduce packaging costs by up to 40%. The Tallwrapper 2200-A features a standard cutting and sealing unit.


  • metal frame sprayed in desired colour,
  • rotating-arm featuring heavy-duty revolving flange,
  • cutting group for placing and cutting the film, no film trails,
  • pallet height detection using a photocell,
  • controls via a S7-300 PLC with KTP 600 5.7 monochrome touch panel,
  • all motors in the wrapper are frequency-regulated,
  • power supply 230/400V 50Hz,
  • automatic film breach and roll-end detection,
  • film supply to the pallet occurs automatically via an analogue coupling with the PLC.
  • maximum rotation 24 revolutions per minute,
  • capacity of 80 pallets/hour (depending on project specifications).    

Several options available; advisers at Tallpack International will be pleased to assist you.