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Stretch hood machine Multi Flex X1

Stretch-hood-MuDe Multi Flex X1 stretch hood machine achieves high packaging speed of up to 180 pallets per hour (depending of pallet dimensions and project specifications). The Multi Flex X1 also offers high flexibility to package various pallet formats with 1 film format. In addition, the stretch hood machine can be fitted with various film rolls, which allows a wider variety of pallet formats to be included in a single transport line.

The stretch hood machine features the patented film-stretching system. By making the film 30% thicker in the corners, the foil is prevented from becoming too thin and forming 'borders' in the corners. At the same time, the system helps to save up to 10% more film compared to other stretch hood systems.

The gripper system is responsible for the system's flexibility. The four grippers can be placed in twos; either length-wise or width-wise. The Multi Flex X1 features various patented systems, which allow the machine's deck to be lowered. This makes service and maintenance easier and safer.

Advantages of packaging with stretch hoods:

  • the use of straps can be avoided if packaging is horizontally and vertically stable
  • possible to reinforce wraps
  • possibility to strap products together
  • no deformed loads
  • water and dust-proof packaging with top seal
  • theft prevention (the film cannot be repaired if it is damaged)
  • high capacity (up to 180 pallets per hour)
  • low film use
  • 1500-2000 pallets with 1 roll of film
  • barcode remains legible through the film
  • suitable for storage in multi-storey warehouses, no film trails, film is applied to an accuracy of 1 cm on or under the pallet
  • coloured film and multi-coloured printing with company logo possible

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