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Manual strapping machines ITA 20, 21 and 23

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ITA 20, 21 and 23

The ITA 20, 21 and 23 synthetic strap combinations are user-friendly manual strapping machines that are easy and convenient to use. Only one button has to be pressed to make the device tighten, seal and cut the strap.  

These hand-operated devices do not require electricity and are perfect for processing PP and PET straps. The devices are light, easy to control and easy to use.  

Due to the use of special techniques and materials, these compact manual strapping machines can even be used without balancer or other suspension system. The two straps are inserted together, and two rails make sure both straps are correctly aligned.  

The strap can be tightened by simply pressing the button, and can be sealed and cut by clicking the handle, which is based on innovative vibration technology.  

  • tension of 2,200 - 9,000 N,
  • weight 3.8 - 4 kg,
  • strap width 13 - 19 mm,
  • strap thickness 0.9 - 1.27 mm,
  • strap quality PP - PET