Manual strapping machines synthetic strap

Tallpack Belgium is a specialist in strapping machines synthetic strap and bundling equipment. Tallpack Belgium offers a wide range of accessories that meet all customer requirements.

When it comes to strapping or bundling issues that must be resolved manually, Tallpack Belgium offers hand-held strapping machines (manual devices) in combination with buckles and seals, or battery-operated and pneumatic hand-held equipment for seal-free strapping or bundling.
Tallpack Belgium is able to offer the best solution based on preferences and capacity.


Spanner for tightening and cutting your PP straps, polyester traps or other strapping materials featuring buckles or seals.
Sealer (manual sealing pliers) for closing seals on PP and PET straps.
A lightweight but robust 3-in-1 hand-operated strapping machine for tightening
The ITA 20, 21 and 23 synthetic strap combinations are user-friendly
manual strapping machines that are easy and convenient to use
The ITA 11, 12 and 14 fully pneumatic manual strapping machines
are excellent strapping machines for processing PP and PET straps.
De new generation manual strapping machines synthetic straps