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Metal straps

Tallpack metal straps are ideal for heavy-duty use where very tight bundling or strapping is needed. This is possible thanks to low-stretch qualities and high tensile strength.

Tallpack Belgium supplies metal straps with various coatings: blue, black or zinc coating and in various wraps. All Tallpack Belgium metal straps feature a wax layer, to ensure smooth flow through strapping machines or manual equipment.

 The standard wraps are: disc wrapping (or European wrapping), package wrapping (or American wrapping) and jumbo rolls.  It is important to select suitable metal straps in order to achieve the best results. Tallpack Belgium has many years of experience in strapping and bundling of various qualities. Tallpack Belgium will be pleased to meet with you to discuss the various possibilities. It is also possible to demonstrate the equipment and test it together with you.   

Excellent machine-quality metal traps suitable for semi and fully automatic strapping systems
Metal straps with higher tensile strength, higher elongation and greater shock resistancе
High elongation metal straps are of exceptional quality and suitable for use
Tallpack Lashing metal straps are suitable for 'lashing'