Grip Sheet Striped

The Grip Sheet Striped is suitable for companies that value the quality and safety of their products during transport.  

The Grip Sheet Striped is an anti-slip partition sheet on the pallet. The Grip Sheet Striped is a unique product that has been designed by Tallpack International.

The Grip Sheet Striped differs from the Grip Sheet Fully Coated  because it features a coating in strips. This makes the Grip Sheet suitable for automatic processing. The amount of anti-slip material on the anti-slip sheet remains the same, which helps to safeguard the anti-slip properties.  

Grip Sheets are available from 60g/m2 to 300g/m2. Grip Sheets can be placed on pallets manually or can be automatically incorporated into the palletising process using a robot.  The

Grip Sheet Striped is used in: ?

  • the food industry
  • the pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industry
  • the chemicals industry
  • the manufacture of household and industrial equipment
  • the construction sector
  • computers and electronics
  • In general, by companies that use pallets to transport their products.  

Grip Sheets are available in recycled kraft paper, moisture-proof kraft paper, polyester and photo paper; for example, as a dividing material on dirty or wet pallets, or in moist conditions, like outdoor storage.