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Separation sheet between pallet layers to guarantee stability

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Grip Sheet and anti-slip materials

It is becoming increasingly important to secure/stabilise loads on pallets. In many countries, new guidelines and/or changes in the law are being implemented when it comes to transporting goods by truck, train, boat or aeroplane.

Economic damage due to accidents and lost or damaged loads is difficult to estimate. However, if goods are properly secured, this will save you money and prevent financial and image-related damage for you as producer or supplier.

Tallpack Belgium is a specialist when it comes to securing loads. Thanks to unique anti-slip materials developed by Tallpack Belgium, financial losses and dissatisfied customers due to damaged loads will be a thing of the past. Tallpack Belgium's representatives will be pleased to offer advise about suitable products and will perform tests together with customers until a suitable solution has been found for the product in question.

The Grip Sheet (fully coated) is suitable for companies that value
the quality and safety of their products during transport.
The Grip Sheet Striped is an anti-slip partition sheet on the pallet
The Grip Sheet Clear Grip is a polyester anti-slip partition sheet on the pallet.
The Grip Pad acts like an anti-slip partition sheet between products on the pallet
The Grip'n slip sheet is a slip sheet that features a grip layer, and is distributed by Tallpack Belgium.
Stick’n Grip easy & effective application for Pallet stability
Anti-slip corrugated cardboard for stable palletization of difficult packaging such as buckets, drums and jerry cans.
Automatic sheet dispenser