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Anti-slip adhesive for bags stabilization during transport

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Grip Fix® and Bag Fix®

Grip fixGrip Fix®


"Stacked bags on pallets Pallet-based loads can be stabilised using Grip Fix® palletising glue. Grip Fix® anti-slip glue is water-based and free of chemical solvents. The glue is not only suitable for paper bags, polyethylene bags (PE) and polypropylene woven bags (PP), but also for boxes and trays."

Grip Fix® is applied to boxes or bags in small amounts before the package is palletised. This is done via the Bag Fix® application system. The pallet will be stable after a short drying time and this stability will be retained once products have been stacked on the pallet. The secret: high shearing force, but very low tractive force. The pallet load does not slide, but can still be easily removed from the pallet. Grip Fix® does not leave residues.


Bag Fix 1Bag Fix®


Bag Fix automatically applied via nozzle. Grip Fix® is automatically applied with the unique Bag Fix® system. With 120 types of glue for 12 different application systems, we are able to offer tailor-made solutions. Each kind of packaging material requires a unique approach. For example, the absorbent surface of a plastic bag requires a different approach than a plastic bag.

The various applications focus on:

  • manual operation
  • automatic operation
  • contact or contact-free application

Customer-specific systems

Grip Fix® is very easy to use thanks to the fast-change system. Irrespective of whether glue is used in a jerry can or drum, the container can be easily connected to the fast-change system. This connection helps to create a closed system. This means dirt cannot enter the container and glue can remain germ-free. In addition, the glue in the container will not dry out.

Grip Fix® is available in various quantities, depending on the application. From 1 kg bottles to 1,000 kg containers.