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Bag-filling machines Open mouth method

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Bag-filling machines Open mouth method

Depending on the product, BL-OMDe filling machines that use the Open Mouth method can achieve a capacity of 50 bags per minute. The format of the bag can be configured and a single machine is able to deal with several sizes. Configuration takes place quickly, which helps to safeguard continuity. Tallpack Belgium's Open Mouth method is ideal for the food and animal feed industry. However, it is also suitable for cat-litter filling, chemicals, seeds, charcoal, wooden pellets, etc.

Types of bags and fastenings
The Open Mouth method is suitable for all standard bags, like e.g.: paper bags, polyethylene bags (PE) and woven polypropylene bags (PP).
Available standard fastenings include:

  • sewn fastening
  • sliding fastening
  • easy-to-open fastening
  • concealed sliding fastening
  • etcetera