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Packaging of bulk products in bags, labeling and palletizing

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Bag filling lines

Tallpack Belgium is able to offer a Turnkey solution for the entire process, from weighing, filling and labelling, to pallet preparation. This offers customers a single point of contact when establishing and maintaining the entire process. One supplier means everything becomes quickly operational and service can be planned effectively.

Bagged goods are nothing new for Tallpack Belgium. Thanks to many years of experience in palletising and securing bagged goods on pallets, we have been able to establish a solid customer portfolio in bagged goods. However, demands by customers to be even more involved in projects and thus offer even more comprehensive services, presented a challenge that Tallpack could not refuse.

Tallpack Belgium has been a leader in the Form, Fill & Seal method from the very outset.

The machines we supply are the updated pioneers for "Form, Fill & Seal" solution and the first weighing scales capable of dealing with over 2300 dosages per hour.

Tallpack Belgium offers complete technical solutions for packaging solids, liquids and powders into industrial bags. Tallpack's FFS packaging machines apply two seals when using tubular film and 3 or 4 seals when using flat film.Our FFS packaging machines are suitable for foil made from polyethylene, polypropylene, plain film and laminated film.