Tallpack introduces Cut’n Grip | Automatic Sheet dispenser

Sheet dispenser

The Cut’n Grip is a sheet dispenser and cutting machine in one and is suitable for automatically cutting large volumes of Grip Sheets/paper/cardboard/PE/PET from a roll. Adding a Cut’n Grip Sheet dispenser is the next logical step in packaging processes where top sheets are placed on stacked products. Production flexibility can also be increased by incorporating the Cut’n Grip into the packaging process. The Cut’n Grip is extremely easy to operate and can be integrated into the controls of new or existing robot palletizers or sliding-plate palletizers with a top sheet manipulator.

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Tallgroup acquires interest in anti-slip sheet producer

Endupack Logo

The Tallgroup recently completed the takeover of Endupack, which is a producer of anti-slip sheets and is based in Pont Authou, France. The Tallgroup is represented in Europe by Geldermalsen-based Tallpack International, Oevel-Westerlo-based Tallpack België and Stara Zagora-based Tallpack Bulgaria, and is active in the field of Industrial Packaging Solutions. Together with the French board and the distributor for North America, all shares were acquired from the company’s founder, Mr Bernard Agnan.

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Effective approach Tallpack Service team in 2019

tallpack 1

You're in safe hands! Our team of service engineers will give you complete peace of mind.

Your productivity is crucial. And no one understands this more than Tallpack International. A custom-made service contract saves time, eliminates unnecessary risks and helps to save you money. You thus have complete peace of mind.

Our service team works 24/7 to offer our clients service of the very highest standard. A well maintained packaging line stays in top condition and helps to maximise uptime. These are the benefits of a Tallpack service contract. Our service technicians have been trained to maximise the potential of your packaging lines. 



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Higher load security for products on pallets

New Eumos legislation establishes stricter requirements

logo eumosLoad securing is an important consideration for manufacturers. Every day, accidents take place due to sliding or toppling loads, or worse still, due to overturned lorries. And this results in dangerous work situations, reputation damage and an increase in costs.

What does this mean for you?
Up to May 2018, loaders were obligated to secure loads in accordance with clause 22 of the STVO, to prevent them from sliding, falling off or toppling over, also during emergency stops or sudden evasive manoeuvres. However, emphasis has now changed under new EUMOS norm 40509, which aims to maximise load security in the most efficient manner. It shifts responsibility to loaders and packers for the way in which pallet-based loads are safely stacked and secured. Under the new legal norm, load suppliers are obligated to deliver stable loads and provide proof of stability if necessary. It also assigns a completely new status to tertiary packaging used on pallets.

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