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Tallpack presents Cut’n Grip at the Pack Expo in Las Vegas

At the Pack Expo, Tallpack International presents the automatic sheet dispenser “Cut’n Grip” especially for the North American market.

In collaboration with Endupack’s representative for the American market ‘Grip Sheet America’, the DUTCH MADE Cut'n Grip is shown.

Endupack is producer of non-slip waterproof paper "Grip Sheet" used for the protection of palletized loads with a worldwide network of distributors.

Endupack Logo Endupack-Logo.pngThe Cut'n Grip is a sheet dispenser and cutting machine in one, suitable for automatic cutting of large volumes of Grip sheets / paper / cardboard / PE / PET on roll.Endupack-Logo.png
Where products are stacked and provided with an interlayer, the expansion with this fully automatic Cut'n Grip sheet dispenser is a logical step in the packaging process. The integration of the Cut'n Grip in the packaging process also increases production flexibility.

The Cut’n Grip is very easy to operate and easy to integrate in the system of new-build or existing robot palletizers or in sliding plate palletizers with a sheet-laying manipulator.

Pack Expo Las Vegas NV USA |   Booth LS6736   |  September 23-25 2019

www.tallpack.nl   |   www.endupack.com   |   www.gripsheetamerica.com


Demo setup showroom Tallpack International (Netherlands)