Tallpack member of EUMOS technical commission

logo eumosOur Key account manager, Joris van Os, this week became a member of the Technical Commission at EUMOS. The Technical Commission is committed to developing a Film passport.

This Film passport will serve as a guideline that helps manufacturers, transporters and their clients to improve safety when products are transported on pallets.

Around 20 specialists, from every link in the supply chain, are working together to find the most efficient way to maximise load safety.

But we are all responsible for making sure that pallet-based loads are stacked and secured in a stable manner so, for example, accidents due to sliding or toppling loads, dangerous working conditions, reputation damage and high economic costs can be minimised.

That is why Tallpack developed a Stretch film Testing module many years ago, which can be used to measure pallet stability. Our customers have experienced this Stretch film Testing module and their pallet-based loads already comply with EUMOS guideline 40509.

Contact Joris van Os directly to make an appointment for a test at your premises: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or mobile no. 06 205 424 82.