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Higher load security for products on pallets

New Eumos legislation establishes stricter requirements

logo eumosLoad securing is an important consideration for manufacturers. Every day, accidents take place due to sliding or toppling loads, or worse still, due to overturned lorries. And this results in dangerous work situations, reputation damage and an increase in costs.

What does this mean for you?
Up to May 2018, loaders were obligated to secure loads in accordance with clause 22 of the STVO, to prevent them from sliding, falling off or toppling over, also during emergency stops or sudden evasive manoeuvres. However, emphasis has now changed under new EUMOS norm 40509, which aims to maximise load security in the most efficient manner. It shifts responsibility to loaders and packers for the way in which pallet-based loads are safely stacked and secured. Under the new legal norm, load suppliers are obligated to deliver stable loads and provide proof of stability if necessary. It also assigns a completely new status to tertiary packaging used on pallets.

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What is the purpose of the new EUMOS guideline?
New EUMOS legislation came into effect in May 2018 and establishes much stricter requirements for pallet transport within the EU. In addition, damage-related liability has shifted from transporters to clients. The European EMOS 40509 guideline aims to improve safety on the road. EUMOS legislation forces manufacturers, transporters and their customers to pay closer attention to the safe transport of pallet-based products. The new legislation has introduced strict requirements for forces that loads must be able to bear, and has established high penalties for breaches. EUMOS pays a lot of attention to pallet stabilisation and forms the basis for technically monitoring road traffic. It also contains principles and testing norms, which includes checks on truck load and how they must be carried out. EUMOS is supported by the European Parliament.

How do you test flexible transport packaging?
The new European guideline has prescribed a EUMOS 40509 test. Even after repeated braking, the tested loads cannot exceed a certain incline. Such investigations can only be carried out using a special technical application, which is able to repeatedly simulate the required horizontal load. Tallpack has developed the Stretch film testing module for this exact purpose.

How can Tallpack help you?
The Tallpack Stretch film Testing module offers an insight into how stretch film actually improves the stability of pallets. We are able to substantiate this using a clear measurement value. The Testing module translates instincts into scientific results. It is thus an extremely reliable method for comparing the stability of various pallet-based loads with each other. You can see which film in the Tallstretch range best suits your specific loads. Measurements will be recorded in your Pallet Stability Passport. This will significantly reduce your risk of transport damage and allow you to cover your risks a lot more effectively. 

Need even more certainty?
Customers that want even more certainty can have stability tests carried out in certified technology centres, including the Tallpack International Technology Centre. This means we can realistically simulate the required acceleration values using a “horizontal impact vehicle”. We will test the stability of your pallets in a manner that accurately reflects real-life situations. You thus have even greater certainty about your pallet-based loads complying with the latest requirements.

How does Tallpack continue to safeguard stability?
The Tallpack Stretch film Testing module offers you an insight into the best possible relationship between material use, stability and lowest costs per packed pallet. This means you can reduce costs, immediately improve the sustainability of your pallet-based loads and avoid failed inspections. After testing, we will continue to safeguard quality by performing periodic quality measurements at your premises. Would you like to know more? Our account managers will be pleased to inform you.