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Tallpack offers Food industry solution for sliding products

Due to ever stricter requirements in the Food industry, Tallpack has developed a new version of its Grip Sheet to deal with specific requirements in this sector.
Clear Grip is a material based on polyester sheets featuring Anti Slip Dots, and has a maximum friction coefficient that prevents products from sliding on pallets. The material is effective because it is difficult to permeate and serves as a contamination barrier between the pallet and products on it.

Clear Grip sheets can be used several times and can be incorporated into the palletization process manually or automatically via a robot.
They are ideal for palletizing e.g. buckets or boxes. Stretch film is not always sufficient when palletizing smooth products, and a sliding load can endanger the logistical process.

Clear Grip is used in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries, but also in the manufacture of household and industrial appliances, as well as the construction sector.


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