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Higher load security for products on pallets

New Eumos legislation establishes stricter requirements

logo eumosLoad securing is an important consideration for manufacturers. Every day, accidents take place due to sliding or toppling loads, or worse still, due to overturned lorries. And this results in dangerous work situations, reputation damage and an increase in costs.

What does this mean for you?
Up to May 2018, loaders were obligated to secure loads in accordance with clause 22 of the STVO, to prevent them from sliding, falling off or toppling over, also during emergency stops or sudden evasive manoeuvres. However, emphasis has now changed under new EUMOS norm 40509, which aims to maximise load security in the most efficient manner. It shifts responsibility to loaders and packers for the way in which pallet-based loads are safely stacked and secured. Under the new legal norm, load suppliers are obligated to deliver stable loads and provide proof of stability if necessary. It also assigns a completely new status to tertiary packaging used on pallets.

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Stick’n Grip easy & effective application for Pallet stability

Stickn Grip2Stick’N Grip is a product made up of a PET support of varying thickness (for example 50 or 75 µm) with two coated sides.

The first side has an anti-slip coating (the Grip side) covered with spots. The spots on this side provide the anti-slip effect. The advantage of these spots is their strong power to prevent slipping without damaging the palletised product above.

The second side is adhesive (the Stick side) and has a film of plastic to protect the glue. 

To use Stick’N Grip, simply remove the protective film and put the adhesive side (the Stick side) of the product in contact with the surface to be made anti-slip. 

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AMI Stretch & Shrink Film


Stretch & Shrink Film 2018 will be the 15th edition of this AMI’s conference, which has become well-known forum where the industry meets to discuss key trends influencing business developments and profitability. The presentations cover innovations in film formulation for pallets stretch wrap, shrink hoods, collation shrink and stretch hoods, advancements in extrusion technologies and raw material characteristics.

Tallpack creëert logistieke flow met de Tallwrapper armwikkelaar en bespaart 40% op uw verpakkingskosten

Lage kostprijs per pallet en compact in vloeroppervlakte. Tallpack ziet een verschuiving van draaitafel naar armwikkelaars in de praktijk. De ontwikkelde Tallwrapper kan binnen vele sectoren worden toegepast. Voor de foodsector zijn Tallwrappers in RVS en in gegalvaniseerde uitvoering beschikbaar.

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