Our Industrial Packaging solutions offer you the possibility to make your own choices with regard to your environmental footprint.

With our packaging materials "Tallstretch film", "Tallstrap strapping band" and "Grip Sheets" you can accelerate your sustainability, without compromising on pallet stability.

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Measures Tallpack International regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Our policy is aimed at limiting the number of contact moments as much as possible with the aim of preventing us from getting it within our organization and from spreading it further out from our organization.

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FD Gazelle 2019

FD Gazellen 2019 320

Tallpack International is one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. We are FD Gazelle 2019!

՝This is fantastic news for Tallpack International. Twenty years ago we started from a childhood dream and consistently adhere to our quality standard, service performance and customer satisfaction. On the basis of these core values ​​and our transparent working method, we have been able to build up many good references in order to continue to bind existing and new relationships to us.’

Hubert H. Verheul, General Manager, Tallpack International


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Tallpack presents Cut’n Grip at the Pack Expo in Las Vegas

Endupack LogoAt the Pack Expo, Tallpack International presents the automatic sheet dispenser “Cut’n Grip” especially for the North American market.

In collaboration with Endupack’s representative for the American market ‘Grip Sheet America’, the DUTCH MADE Cut'n Grip is shown. Endupack is producer of non-slip waterproof paper "Grip Sheet" used for the protection of palletized loads with a worldwide network of distributors.

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