Manual stretch wrappers

handroldispenser-categoryManual film wrappers or hand-roll dispensers are available in plastic or metal formats. Manual wrappers are suitable for all rolls from 500 mm. The specialists at Tallpack International will be pleased to advise you about the most appropriate hand-roll dispenser.

Tallwrapper Wrap dispenser for a unique wrapping result.

Wrapping low pallets by hand? Wrapping high pallets by hand? It's easy with the Tallwrapper Wrap dispenser with no stress whatsoever to your back and hands.

wrap1Key characteristics:

1. Lightweight aluminium design, 
2. No stress to back and/or hands.
3. No more stooping to wrap low.
4. No more high reaching to wrap a 2400 mm pallet.
5. Can be used with all hand stretch films.
6. Modular design, rolls are easy to exchange.
7. Tested braking system for even tighter strapping.
8. Filmroll uses a bearing system, so dosing is always as should be.
9. Only one operator needed, can be wrapped on the fork-lift.
10. Enthusiastic employees.


Tallwrapper foliedispenser BE  (video)


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